This is Baker Mayfield’s “Prove It” Year

When the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield in 2018, many were reasonably quite excited. However, similar excitement has been expressed toward the likes of quarterbacks such as Johnny Manziel. Unfortunately, not every college quarterback pans out in the pros.

In ’18, Baker had phenomenal stats. 27 touchdowns to 14 interceptions and 3,725 yards. The team had a 7-8-1 record and that obviously could be better, but it was pretty solid for Cleveland Browns standards. ’19 was a different story with 22 touchdowns to 21 interceptions and a 6-10 team record. A clear decline from the year before individually and as a team.

First, let’s say a prayer that there even is a football season with all of the health concerns going around…everywhere.

Hoping the Browns do play a 2020 season this fall, it is a “prove it” year for Baker. This organization is not going to settle for an average quarterback even with all of the hype that Baker came with when the Browns got him #1 overall. If he struggles this season, the front office may move on next offseason.

Baker has the tools around him the be a star quarterback in Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry and company. Additionally, the Browns have one of the best running backs in the league in Nick Chubb.

In regards to coaching, the team’s new head coach Kevin Stefanski really appears to be competent and ready to lead this team to a great decade of football. “I believe in Baker Mayfield,’’ Stefanski said, reiterating the stance he’s taken since he was hired. “He’s our starting quarterback. He’s a young player that we’ve all seen glimpses of this kid being a really good player. Organizationally we believe in Baker Mayfield and this was part of my job and our job to surround him with some people that are going to help make the best version of Baker Mayfield. Via:

Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

Thus, Baker has absolutely no excuses and no reason not to be stellar on the field come this fall. That’s why if he does fail to perform, the Browns’ brass is really going to have to take a look in the mirror and see if he is the guy they want to move forward with in the future. It’s not like this team hasn’t jumped from a quarterback before…

Frankly, the Browns are ready to be a team that competes for the playoffs every season. They have the tools and just need to execute it on the field. Hopefully, Baker makes a push in the right direction and shows that he truly is the franchise quarterback worthy of that #1 selection. Last year was a failure and while some of that should get pegged on Mayfield, the coaching was absolutely abysmal.

The team made the right decision and found really great football mind to lead the team. That is what will help Baker make the Browns into (hopefully) a winner.

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