This is an Absolute Circus

It was difficult to watch the Browns this afternoon. A Cleveland team that is now 2-5 on the season, a start no one expected, after a 27-13 loss to the Patriots in Foxboro. Now, it wasn’t necessarily that fans thought the Browns would beat the elite Patriots on the road, but it’s simply the way the team lost.

The mistakes and lack of discipline were so prevalent and it started with two fumbles by Nick Chubb, countless false starts, holdings and pass interferences.

Worst of all was the “shovel pass” that went for a pick-six. That may have been the worst play of the entire season.

Look, the Browns had 13 penalties for 85 yards compared to the Patriots with four for 32 yards. It makes a difference.

Our coach, Freddie Kitchens, appears to be inept and way in over his head. I liked the hire when it was made, but I am growing impatient. It would not surprise me if the team decided to move on from him.

In regards to today’s game, the Browns lost it more than the Patriots won it and that is what’s most frustrating. It’s the same with the last loss to Seattle and a few more earlier in the year.

The team appears to lack any inspiration from Kitchens. The frustration is growing more and more each week.

A trip down memory lane and then-Browns coach Bill Belichick’s first win was in 1991 against New England. Now, number 300 is against the Browns today.


Honestly, when this team acquired wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., the city was absolutely elated. However, the way the first half of this season has gone is terribly disappointing . It remains to be seen if Kitchens and company will figure it out with an easier second half of the schedule…or if he even gets the chance to do so. Additionally, if the team will make any trades or keep their draft capital and build for the future.

Well, today’s game sucked.

This team better shape up or a Denver Broncos team that is not very good will have their way with the Browns next Sunday.

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