February 28, 2024

This Injury Could Hurt The Browns in A Key Spot:


In a previous article of mine, I literally just wished the Browns good health throughout the season. Obviously, during a football year that is impossible and it’s proven once again with the news today.

“Browns 2022 sixth-round receiver Michael Woods II suffered a torn Achilles while training in Houston with Deshaun Watson, a league source tells Cleveland dot com.”

He is done for the year before it even started…

Woods, just 23 years of age, is out of Oklahoma (2022- 6th round, 202 overall). The 6’1 204-pound wideout has five catches for 45 yards in his NFL career. Those are not mind-blowing numbers by any means. They aren’t even numbers.

In three years playing for Arkansas (18-20) and one year with Oklahoma (2021), Woods had a combined 118 catches, 1,648 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Want to hear a fun fact?

Woods and I share the same birthday on March 19th. I was three years old when he was born.

Now, is this loss going to ruin the season for the Browns?

Of course not.

He likely wouldn’t have played much throughout the year anyway as a backup. Even so, it’s nice to have that depth in a key position (in case there ever is another injury at wide receiver) and that will be lost with this injury.

It’s going to be up to Amari Cooper and Donovan Peoples-Jones to continue and step up for this team. Additionally, the acquisition of Marquise Goodwin helps bulk up the offense. 

Marquise Goodwin

Get well soon, Michael. Hope to see you in the future ballin’ out in the NFL.


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