This Game Against Seattle Will Be Looked Back Upon

While the first five games of this season haven’t exactly gone as planned, the Browns have a chance to even up their record at 3-3 against the Seattle Seahawks at First Energy Stadium. It won’t be easy, though, as Seattle is 4-1 and coming off ample rest time from a Thursday night game. Meanwhile, the Browns had a short week…

The bye week is next Sunday and that is followed by a matchup against the New England Patriots, which will be an extremely difficult game to win on the road. That is why this game against Seattle is so important.

Yes, the back-half of the schedule is much easier with opponents in our division that are struggling greatly, but if this team is 2-5, coming back from that is going to be hard no matter the opponents.

I wrote about how the 49ers game doesn’t define the season, albeit a terrible and embarrassing loss. Additionally, how OBJ is starting to become more of a pain than anything.

Thus, how about a game where Odell Beckham Jr. thrives and the Browns win over the Seahawks in front of the home fans? Short, quick passes in open space instead of going for the home run every time should do the trick. Also, continuing to stick with the run…

Hopefully, Browns fans can look back upon this game as the one where the season really turned around. Unfortunately, a loss and that could be the nail in the coffin for this season that was filled was such promise.

The fans will be roaring, Swagger dashing for the very last time. On this crisp Cleveland day, it’s time the Browns showed the NFL that this team is for real.

I’m just not sure how Richard Sherman will get a hand shake from Baker? The 49ers play in Los Angeles…

Maybe a nice text will do.

In summation, a win shoots the Dawgs right back to playoff contention and a loss makes them as more of a laughingstock. It’s time to seize the opportunity!

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