This Browns Offense is Stacked, Why is it Falling Flat?


This Browns Offense is Stacked, Why is it Falling Flat?

This Browns offense has so many stud players and on paper should be great, but they have underperformed heavily this year. There are multiple reasons this may be happening and we’ll discuss them here.

The number one reason we are failing is because of this QB tomfoolery going on. Deshaun can’t stay healthy for more than two weeks at a time and when he is healthy he is a bottom 20 QB. Then if Watson is out, due to injury or whatever our backup PJ Walker isn’t very good either. Don’t get me wrong I love PJ but there is a certain reason he is a backup QB and not a starter. If he was good he wouldn’t be backing up QBs and instead, he’d be a starter. When PJ is out there nothing is guaranteed and so it limits the amount of potential the players have.

Our offensive line is also being a bit of a problem. The hype was very high before the season started on how good our line would be, but it hasn’t performed that well. Jedrick Wills on the edge of the line has been very bad, which hasn’t been helping our QB situation. Wills did suffer an injury so he has been replaced, but I’m not too sure it’s going to help too much. The line has been suffering from multiple minor one or two-week injuries, which has been making it a very volatile situation.

The receiving room is so good, but since the QB room has been so shaky they have underperformed. With the top three being Amari, Moore and Goodwin/Tillman (DPJ for the first few weeks would have been the #3), there is so much potential there. That’s not including our tight end Njoku, who is also a very good receiver. Those five have so much skill, but due to the lack of QB performance, they have no chances to shine. If we had an above-average QB who played the entire season, the WR room would be much better since they would have more yards to utilize. 

The brightest spot on this poor offense has been the running game. Between Hunt, Ford, and Strong Jr. (not including Chubb), the running game has shown why they are great. Ford replaced the injured Chubb perfectly and the signing of Hunt also has worked out very well. Strong Jr. has shown to be a very solid third option and has proved he can be a suitable replacement if any of the two top options go down. Hunt has performed much better than he did last year and Ford has shown he can be a very good number-one choice. Both of them can be decent passing options too, which adds a dynamic to the offense that isn’t too easy to achieve.

This Browns offense has no right to be as bad as they have been. There is so much skill on this team, but what we know they can do has been shut down by the lack of QB play. The Browns offense has so much potential and I still believe that they can play up to their expectations. I don’t see a reason why this team can’t figure itself out and start performing up to what we think they should do. We know on paper doesn’t mean too much, but on paper, this offense should be one of the best in the league. I think that if this team can work out its problems, the NFL will have a scary, complete team on its hands.

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