Thinking About COVID19…I Mean, LEBRON23

It’s a difficult time to be living in.

Whether you’re Zach Shafron or LeBron James, there’s still a chance that one can get the COVID-19 Virus and be at risk for horrible symptoms and potentially death (depending on various factors).

By this point, everyone knows that the NBA and other sporting leagues like the MLB are delayed and may be potentially canceled if it gets to that point. On the same day that the Indians were to open to the season, March 26, the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James were supposed to come to town and play the Cavs. Now, on its face, this game really doesn’t matter as the Cavs are not going to make the playoffs. However, symbolically it would mean something.

And, it’s conflicting.

It’s crazy to think 2010 was a decade ago.

If I were to tell my 2010-self, “In 2020, Donald Trump will be your president, LeBron will be on the Lakers and people will be dying from a virus spreading globally.” Well, I would’ve laughed and then cursed at LeBron because everyone in Cleveland hated his guts for leaving here without winning us a championship and going to the Miami Heat.

Yes, King James did come back in 2014 and yes, the Cavs did with the 2016 NBA Championship. It’s just odd because LeBron did leave Cleveland again to go to Los Angeles this time. The reaction from fans, myself included, is so different. All because of 2016.

I just go back-and-forth with this idea about how we as Cleveland Cavaliers fans should feel about LeBron James.

Just Look:

“A man who won Cleveland its first championship since 1964 and displayed absolutely incredible basketball talent for 11 years in Cleveland.”

“A man that left Cleveland, came back just to leave again and essentially betrayed this city twice in the same career.”

Woah, that’s the same guy that is being talked about in those two very different statements. Say this whole virus ordeal didn’t happen and the game was played, my bet is the vast majority of fans cheer for LeBron James when he is introduced and throughout the night. Nothing wrong with that…

In summation, this is the bottom line. When LeBron left in 2010 and came back with the Miami Heat, he was booed and screamed at for the entire game with a vast array of signs and so much hate from Cleveland fans. A decade later, sure, it shouldn’t be intense…

But wait…the guy did leave Cleveland again. Are we forgetting that fact? It was, yet again, a betrayal of this city. Just wondering if this love-fest is appropriate? Should Cavs fans hold some type of resentment to LeBron for leaving again?

Just something to think about with the extra free time these days…

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