March 3, 2024

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! What y’all want to talk about? Going once, going twice….Let’s talk about the Browns for 500! Yes, I always been hard on my Browns all these years because when everything goes well. There’s always a cog in the machine! But we’re already past that right? Our cog was losing Chubb very early in the season and my guy Watson last week! But we prevailed!

Yes DTR is going to have his ups and downs no matter how well he gets accumulated with the offense. He’s a rookie! Let him take his mistakes and turn them into positives. But what’s really legit is our defense! Goodness, gracious!! I been a football fan my whole life and there’s a handful of defenses I saw with my own eyes that we are operating at that same level! (2000 Ravens, 2013 Seahawks, 2015 Broncos)! Jim Schwartz to me should be favored as the defensive coach of the year if he keeps operating at this elite level! Myles Garrett should be favored to win Defensive Player of the Year as well! I’m not saying all this because it’s the browns.

I’m a football fan first and foremost. I believe in eye tests! And so far my eyes aren’t lying. Now, yes we signed Flacco to the practice squad for insurance purposes which is amazing because a veteran like that who can still read defenses and can reach DTR and Walker to different nuances, cadences and ins and outs of the game will be key down the stretch. I’m proud of my city. Too proud I may add. I just hope and pray that I’m not giving my hopes up again.

Keep it going brownies.

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