April 20, 2024

These Guardians Need to Step up to Help the Team Contend


With more cuts looming and less than a month from opening day. These Guardians need to step up to help the team contend. Offensive struggles were plentiful last year. To lock down the central this year, the offense needs to take major steps forward this season.  

Will Brennan

With no promises that he makes the opening day roster, Brennan is batting .263 in spring training. The 26 year old outfielder is coming off of a lackluster season in which offensive struggles were a plenty. A young, hungry Chase DeLauter is inevitable, so the question becomes what can Will do to keep him at bay? 

Brayan Rocchio

Shortstop is a place that the Guardians typically have a plethora of talent. If Gabriel Arias figures left handed pitching, Rocchio may find himself on the outside looking in. With age on his side and options, Brayan can work on his bat. But there is a lot of competition with Arias, Brito, Gimenez, and now Angel Martinez up the middle. He will likely need a strong finish to his spring. If he makes the team, Rocchio will have to fine tune his bat and work on the long ball. Zero homers in 81 MLB at bats in his first season won’t cut it this year. 

Gabriel Arias

In 113 games last year Arias barely broke the Mendoza line with a .210 BA and a -0.1 WAR. Arias must come out hot this year to help the Guardians contend. The likely opening day SS, With the possible move to Right Field. Arias can’t get away as an outfielder with only 26 RBI’s. 10 of those being home runs. Huge steps forward have to be the requirement this season. Batting just .083 against lefty’s makes him a liability. This is the time for a breakout season. 

And last but not least, Centerfield…

It doesn’t matter who at this point. Straw, Laureano, Florial, Brennan or anyone else. The position as a whole needs a major overhaul and upgrade. The Guardians need to find an offensive bat that can play quality center and get on base. As the biggest question in the organization, centerfield seems about as clear as mud. There is no clear cut favorite. The Guardians need to find their man and find it soon. 

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