There is No Need to Panic About The Cavs

Updated: January 24, 2017

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Could we all please calm down about the recent Cavs losses?

I mean, we have people calling for Tyronn Lue’s head! It’s insanity!

The Cavaliers are definitely in a slump right now, there’s no denying that. They’re 2-5 in their last seven games. Still, everyone needs to relax because these slumps happen, especially around this time of the season.

In the last three years since LeBron’s return, the Cavaliers have suffered similar stretches of loses around the All-Star break.

December 2014

January 2015


Remember that one? Remember how worried everyone was? Can you also remember how the rest of the season went?

Now, let’s look at last season.

They did not have anything nearly as extreme as the 2015-16 season, but you can see that their worst months were arguably December and February. There were all sorts of different factors going into why those two losing streaks happened, but you can see my point. There is no reason to panic about rough patches.

January 2017

The Cavs shouldn’t be satisfied with their recent effort and production. They haven’t played with any energy on either side of the ball. But, I think we can cut them some slack. Even with this 2-5 stretch, they’re still the top team in the Eastern Conference by 2.5 games. They do not have deep roster this year and the NBA season is long and grueling. Their 10-day road trip earlier this month definitely took a lot out of them. The upcoming All-Star break should serve as a nice re-launching point for them.

I mean, how much work do you get done right before you take a vacation?

If you want to be concerned about some of the weaknesses being exposed during this slump, sure, but don’t be worried about the losses themselves. The Cavs aren’t here to win regular season championships like a certain team we all know. Even if this continues until the All-Star break, we are a long way away from panic mode.

Rest assured, as long as the Cavs have the Big 3, they will be fine.


Follow the author: @jacoby407
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