March 4, 2024

There Is a 0% Chance That Kyrie Gets Traded For George Hill


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I cannot believe that people actually think that there is some validity with this report.

Let’s take a look at the actual trade:

Apparently, this Mitch Lawrence guy heard from his sources that the Cavaliers were looking to trade Kyrie Irving to the Utah Jazz for Grant Hill, for a potential 3-way trade to bring Paul George into Cleveland.

Why this trade makes zero sense at all:

To start off, we can look at it from a value perspective. The Jazz do not have any top picks. That doesn’t make any sense. The Pacers want picks. Also, do you honestly think that the Cavaliers are dumb enough to send a 25-year-old all-star that is a future Hall-of-Famer to Utah for an average point guard, pay him big money and then potentially get Paul George as a rental? I do not think that there is one general manager in the league that would do that.

There is zero value in this trade at all, knock it off. 

Lastly, George Hill cannot be a Cleveland Cavalier if he wanted to be. If this happened, it would happen in a sign and trade and guess what a sign and trade triggers? The hard cap. Who is over the hard cap? The Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers cannot do a sign and trade people; do not listen to Mitch Lawrence. He is chasingTwitterr clout.

At the end of the day, if this were to miraculously happen, it would go down as one of the worst trades in the history of the NBA. I’m talking up there with the Brooklyn Nets – Boston Celtics trade. Taking a 25-year-old all-star that averages 25 points a game on a great contract and throwing him away for a return of a mediocre 31-year-old point guard that averaged 16 points this season is crazy. The goal for the Cleveland Cavaliers this upcoming season is to put a team on the floor that can correlate with the juggernaut out west, the Golden State Warriors.

If I remember correctly, Kyrie Irving was not an issue against the Warriors, maybe a little bit, but it was not to the point of no return. Actually, Golden State couldn’t defend him. Anyone they threw on him he would take them to the rack and score on their head. George Hill cannot do that. Kyrie is not an issue. He can be a defensive liability at times, but that is all about effort. Kyrie is the best point guard in the Eastern Conference and also one of the greatest finishers at the rim of all time. To think that they would trade him for an aging mediocre point in the hopes of grabbing a rental.

Are there any real options to obtain Paul George?

Obviously, there are. They all involve Kevin Love at this point. He is the main piece, not Kyrie Irving. The Pacers do not want Kevin Love; they want young guys and draft picks. That is why the Denver Nuggets are in the picture. They have both of those things. There is a possibility that we can walk into the playoffs next year with Paul George and Dwyane Wade on the court and that would be great.

The problem with that is we would most likely not be able to acquire Dwyane Wade until February. The reason being that the Chicago Bulls have to sell some tickets. They are not going to buy-out their main attraction during the free-agency season, that would make no sense. They are businessmen and they will do things that make sure their business stays well. Keeping Dwyane Wade in their franchise until February would ensure that tickets would still be sold. I do not want to get into the Carmelo Anthony talks because I do not see James Dolan buying out Carmelo Anthony’s large contract. It could happen, we will see.

There are many more great years to be a Cleveland Cavalier fan. Kyrie Irving is not going anywhere.

Follow: @MikeCLE_

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