April 20, 2024

The year is 2024 not 2014 and these aren’t the same old Browns


As the 2024 NFL offseason is set to officially begin on March 13th with the start of NFL Free Agency. Many bloggers, podcasters and NFL pundits are having trouble believing that the Cleveland Browns are a good team and solid organization. I can understand the stigma of being a losing franchise for over two decades since the return of the team. What I don’t understand is the pure lack of journalistic integrity when reporting on a team.

What some of the national pundits and outside of Cleveland podcasters don’t see the NFL journalists have seen. This is why coach Kevin Stefanski won 2023 Coach of the Year, DE Myles Garrett won Defensive Player of the Year, defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz won Assistant Coach of the Year and QB Joe Flacco won Comeback Player of the Year. These awards are voted on by a panel of sports journalists from around the country. These journalists cover and understand the game. But some don’t think the Browns recent success is sustainable.

Often, you see posts and podcasts stating the Browns will have to make cuts because of Deshaun Watson’s contract. That is false, the Cleveland Browns have not had to release any players in the last two off-seasons or this off-season for salary cap reasons. The salary cap is being strategically managed by GM Andrew Berry. He is selectively restructuring contracts to give the team salary cap flexibility. The Cleveland Browns are a good team and can sustain their roster.

I have a theory as to why it is difficult for many to wrap their heads around the Cleveland Browns contending for a Super Bowl. They can’t let go of the past. People remember the dysfunction of the 2010s. There are still stories about Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon and the infamous 1-31 first two seasons under Hue Jackson. Yes, the Haslam family did own the team in that era too. But they showed that they learned from their mistakes. The Cleveland Browns are a good football team and organization. I’m not about making predictions or claiming championships will be won. I’m just saying that this team will contend in 2024 and beyond.  And pundits are going to have to contend with being wrong about the Browns.

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