As if it were a scene out of a romantic Hollywood picture, Lebron James return to Cleveland last week restored hope and belief into the Cleveland Cavalier franchise.  As if Lebron had run off with the smart, rich, beautiful girl from the city leaving the average looking, sweet, loving, caring country girl behind.  Only to return to her a few years later and live happily ever after.  Luckily for Cleveland sports fans, the story isn’t as sappy as that one.  THE KING HAS RETURNED.  July 11, 2014 will be a day in which Cleveland Cavalier fans will never forget.  Replacing the dark, gloomy evening of July 8, 2010 was a sunny afternoon in which the King declared his return.

Now that Lebron James has returned to Cleveland to finish what he started in 2003, there are many questions that need to be answered.  The elephant in the room though would be potentially one of the biggest trades in NBA history if it were to go down.  The Cleveland Cavaliers trading their #1 overall selection, the most exciting NBA prospect since LeBron James back in 2003, Andrew Wiggins  to the Timberwolves for double double 20/15 a night Kevin Love.  It is something that could devastate the Cavaliers franchise if they make the wrong choice.  The Timberwolves would be making out extremely well regardless of what they do, as long as they trade him.  Love has said numerous times that he will not consider signing an extension in Minnesota so trading him is the only option.  Who is willing to give up the most is going to be the highest bidder.  The Cavaliers are in prime position to do so, but should they pull the trigger?


Why not make the trade?

The biggest reason to keep Andrew Wiggins is because he simply is the most exciting prospect of recent memory.  A guy who can soar above the rim as we have seen him do many times so far this NBA summer league.  Lebron really likes Andrew Wiggins and I think their games compliment each other perfectly.  Andrew Wiggins potential maximize through the roof playing next to Lebron James.  Who else can get the most out of a guy each night than Lebron James.  Wiggins is an absolute freak athlete who can put up 20 on any given night just based on his ability to get to the hoop.  Having Kyrie and Lebron to compliment that, that is flat out scary for defenses.

As good as Kevin Love has been over his NBA career, Love has often been injury prone.  He has missed numerous games with hand problems, and even missed time for a groin injury earlier in his career.  Would trading a player with the potential of Wiggins be worth getting a guy who has never really put a full season together?


Why Make the trade?

I think the biggest thing when it comes to why make this trade is due to the fact that the lineup of Kyrie Irving, Lebron James and Kevin Love would be quite intimidating.  Kevin Love is a guy who can put up 30 and 20 on any given night.  He has recorded 30+ points and 30+ boards in a game before.  He can knock down the three ball, as well as play inside.  Though he has been frustrated with management, Love has been a great teammate in Minnesota and you never hear of him going public with complaints.  He shares the same goals as Lebron James, he just wants to win.

As electrifying as Andrew Wiggins could be, he has yet to play in an NBA game.  Unlikely, there is always that chance he could always be a bust and we would be the team who could have gotten Kevin Love and didn’t.  Do you get rid of an unproven thing that is laced with gold for an already established 25 year old 3 time NBA all star?


My answer:  Absolutely.  If I were Cavalier GM David Griffin right this very second and the Timberwolves wanted to trade me Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Not only would Kevin Love make the Cavs a favorite to win the east, it would make them the clear cut favorites to win the NBA title.  We have not had a championship since 1964. If the Indians don’t win the World Series this year (not holding my breath) then Cleveland will have gone 50 years exactly without a professional sports championship.  You have to win now.  Lebron comes back to Cleveland, you have a chance to get Kevin Love, it’s like a storybook ending.  David Griffin, please get on the phones now.


Ian Tumey @CST_IanT


image credited to ESPN

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