The Wait is Over: Deshaun Watson Suspended Six Games


It felt like it was never going to end. The constant speculation, analysis, rumors and more. The Deshaun Watson Saga went on for weeks and it’s finally come to a decision.

A six-game suspension.

This was in regards to inappropriate behavior by Watson during massage appointments with various women.

Via SI: Twenty-five women filed civil lawsuits against Watson starting in March 2021, and only one dropped her case due to privacy concerns in April ’21. Watson, then, agreed to settle 20 of the 24 civil lawsuits in June ’22.

There were times when I felt that Watson could get suspended for an entire season. There was even a time when I felt the league could kick him out indefinitely. Thus, I feel this is a “win” for Watson and the Browns.

Now, as a Browns fan, I am thrilled with only six games as a punishment. For the NFL, I believe this puts them in a bad light with such a light punishment.

The league can appeal this ruling within three days from now.

Of course, I carry bias as a Browns fan, but if I was the “guy” in charge of deciding whether to appeal this or not, this would be my thinking:

I believe it would be best for the league to get people to stop talking about Deshaun Watson. Thus, the six-game suspension, a final decision actually made, is the first step in that process. An appeal, more hearings and this and that just leads to more talking about this man. Let’s move on.

Looking at this from a football standpoint and the Browns are going to have to ride with backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett as the QB1 for the first six games of the year. Here is the schedule:

W1: @ Panthers (The Baker Mayfield Showdown)

W2: Vs. Jets

W3: Vs Steelers (TNF)

W4: @ Falcons

W5: Vs Chargers

W6: Vs Patriots

Even without Watson, this team has the talent to win games. It certainly won’t be easy lacking a star quarterback under center, but it’s not as if the team automatically is going 0-6 to start the year now.

Hey, Deshaun. Watch yourself from this point on. I am far from a perfect person myself, but the last thing you want is more controversy. Let’s keep everything moving forward clean and get ready for an amazing football season after a suspension served and for many more years of greatness!

Well, quarterback Deshaun Watson will serve a six-game suspension to begin this season. It’s finally decided.


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