Gimenez vs Rosario – is there really still a race?

In January, the Indians brought in Amed Rosario and Andres Gimenez in an exchange with the Mets for 4x All-Star, Francisco Lindor and Comeback Player of the Year, Carlos Carrasco. To many, the trade has seemed lopsided and until now, there has been no clear answer as to who will replace Lindor at shortstop.

According to Terry Francona, a conversation may need to take place about Rosario to play other positions.

Although both are very capable of playing the position, Andres Gimenez has shined a little brighter during spring training. On the offensive end, both are batting .333 but Gimenez has two homers and six RBIs with 16 at-bats. Rosario has a goose egg in both of those categories, so it seems this is a big reason Gimenez is pulling away from the competition. He’s just been more productive.

Rosario went 1-4 this Tuesday, while Gimenez had an inside-the-park home run and drove in three more the day before with a 10-0 win over Seattle.


“He makes all the routine plays. He’s a solid baseball player. That’s what everybody talks so much about him even at his age, but he’s a baseball player. And he makes all the plays. That’s a big compliment to a young kid.” said Francona.

While there has been no word from management about who will fill be the position, the conversation is leaning more towards Andres Gimenez. He has proved himself so far to be productive on offense and defense, widening the gap with his competition.


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