The Tribe is Worth $1.2 Billion: Is it Time for Dolan to Sell? just released an article listing the value of each MLB team. Our beloved Indians came in 25th on that list. The Indians are worth 1.2 billion dollars. That is night and day from what Paul and Larry Dolan purchased (323 million) for the team back in 2000. With winning also brings viewership. The Indians had television ratings on average of 8.33 per game, which was best in all of baseball.

To know how much winning adds to value, let’s look at what the Indians were worth before manager Terry Francona took over in, 2013. The Indians were worth 559 million dollars. From 2000 to 2012 The Indians made the playoffs just twice (2001, 2007). Since Terry Francona took over the Indians have made the playoffs in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Capturing the Central Division three years in a row while also winning the American League pennant in 2016.

The Dolans have had an on-going social beef with the fans with the unwillingness to spend money to keep star players and sign big-name free agents. Fans especially became enraged over the comments Paul Dolan made in-regards to the contract situation with Francisco Lindor. Tribe nation has been wanting to Dolan to sell the team. Will Dolan continue to limit the spending which can cause an even bigger rift with the relationship with the fans? Or, will Dolan sell the team to an owner that would be willing to spend top dollar to bring a championship to Cleveland, only time will tell.

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