The Trade Of Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield And That Grief Cycle


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield celebrates after running back Kareem Hunt scored a touchdown during the second half of the team's NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, in Cleveland. The Browns won 35-30. (AP Photo/David Richard)


You could still be depressed knowing that your favorite Cleveland Brown is no longer here. Maybe you’ve thrown out all the No. 6 jerseys with Mayfield’s name on the back. Being depressed isn’t a new feeling for Browns fans. There have been too many events, games and moments that have gotten us all down from time to time.

The sun will shine tomorrow or in some cases if you live in Ohio that might be next Thursday, but in any case, there will be a new day arriving. Maybe you still are here and feel a heavy loss for a quarterback that wore his emotions on his sleeve and you felt connected to him for a second because of that.


The best place to be in this cycle of grief is in acceptance. Most Browns fans are experts in this department. “Wait till next year, “ is our slogan. You can’t control any of what just happened with your favorite sports team.

We learn to roll with the punches and we Cleveland fans have done that many a time over the decades. This part of the cycle isn’t going to win us a Super Bowl as fans but it’s the best place to be because ultimately, this team you love so near and dear to your heart is only a team and they play a game on a field of grass on Sundays.

While it may seem like more than that, these players and coaches we cheer for are still just people. They go out and do their job and try and win a game. They still get paid lots of money regardless of wins and losses. As fans of the team and of our former quarterback Baker Mayfield, if we can enjoy the comradery of our friendships and family as we cheer them on and not get too tied into them emotionally then we might be a bit happier in the long run.






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