The Trade Of Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield And That Grief Cycle


Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield celebrates after running back Kareem Hunt scored a touchdown during the second half of the team's NFL football game against the Cincinnati Bengals, Thursday, Sept. 17, 2020, in Cleveland. The Browns won 35-30. (AP Photo/David Richard)


If you’re currently angry, some of that has to do with the fact that your favorite Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield was just traded because the team you’ve cheered for all these years just traded for Deshaun Watson instead and you couldn’t do anything about it. How could the Browns just spend $230 million in guaranteed money on a quarterback that wasn’t even in the league last season and is still facing several civil suits off the football field?

“How could they!”, you screamed.

Mayfield brought the Browns back to respectability. What on Earth were the Browns thinking? The team made it to the playoffs and beat the Steelers twice because of Mayfield.

Being angry right now is okay. The team you’ve cheered on your whole life just took a huge gamble and you had no say in the matter.

Browns fans, try not to stay here too much longer. It’s not good for your health. Option B is to stop watching the team or try to find another team to cheer on. I hear Cincinnati Bengals fans are the best. Ha!


If you’re bargaining right now, you’re telling yourself, “if only Mayfield hadn’t injured his shoulder, then he wouldn’t have been traded.”

No, he probably would have been traded or at the very, most played out the last year of his contract before moving on elsewhere. Even before the injury, Mayfield was at a standstill in negotiating a second contract with Cleveland. The Browns had their doubts after watching Mayfield play inconsistently the previous three seasons.

So, the “if only” statements can be laid to rest. Mayfield has been traded and he’s never coming back to Cleveland like another famous former Cleveland sports hero has done once already and could be doing again before the  2023-24 NBA basketball season. I’ll give you a hint. He goes by “King”


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