Our Cleveland Browns are 2-4 and coming off of a Bye Week. Their next opponent? Coach Bill Belichick, quarterback Tom Brady and the undefeated New England Patriots, on the road, in Foxboro.


Trying to stay optimistic, one would have to think the Patriots have to lose eventually. Maybe the Browns will figure it out on Sunday and shock the world?

Maybe pigs will learn to fly also?

Starting the season 2-5 would further sour fans’ feelings about a team that was supposed to be elite. A win against the Patriots would reinvigorate the team and fanbase.

Yes, the schedule does get easier after the Pats game, but who is to say other teams aren’t exclaiming the same thing about the Browns? This team hasn’t proven anything yet this year and other franchises may look to Cleveland for a win, like the good-old-days…

No, I refuse to try and pick apart a Patriots team that is excellent on both sides of the ball. However, the Browns do have the talent to play against this team; it’s just a matter of putting all of that energy together in a cohesive effort.

This game is a tipping point for this season.

A 3-4 Browns compared to a 2-5 Browns is astronomically different. Yes, both could “technically” make the playoffs still. However, it’ll be much harder three games under .500.

Since the Dawgs returned in 1999, they’re 2-7 against the Patriots; the last win being a 34-14 throttling in 2010.

Cleveland has cornerbacks Greedy Williams and Denzel Ward back, which will help in an effort to stop the great Tom Brady from tearing the defense to shreds. Left tackle Greg Robinson got benched. Frankly, my 139-pound frame would do a better job at blocking than he has proven.

Lastly, the Browns had a Bye Week to prepare for the Patriots, whereas New England had a shortened week after destroying the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

There is no way to say the Browns are a favorite in this game.

They aren’t.

With extra rest and a bit of urgency, I am hoping to see this team come out with a little fire and potential surprise people.

It could change the trajectory of the season.

Image Courtesy of CBS

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