There are many factors to the Cleveland Indians’ projected success in the 2015-16 MLB season. Many talk about a hopeful repeat of dominant seasons from Michael Brantley and Corey Kluber, or young players like Carrasco, Salazar, and Bauer truly breaking out, or even a recovery season for Jason Kipnis and Michael Bourn.

Yet few talk about Nick Swisher having a legitimate impact this upcoming season.

There are a few reasons that not many feature Swisher making a difference this year. Many truly do not believe Swisher can succeed or return to at least being an average hitter. Many truly do not like the guy nicknamed “Brohio”, and truly more and more hate the way he plays. Many also simply detest him for his ridiculous contract, and not living up to the large amount of money he is making as a whole.

So is there any way he can show legitimate improvement from his dreadful 2014-15 season? Or is he truly only on a career death spiral?

Swisher has steadily declined overall the last 3 seasons, yet injuries have held him back heavily all the same. This is far from an excuse for his play, but if he is to have a successful season he must stay relatively healthy.

Swisher has largely been consistent throughout his career, but for the first time in a long time truly had a bad season. He’s always been the guy that will deliver 20+ HR’s (Averages 22 Per Season) yet strike out a lot (Averaged 120.8 SO per season), and prior to the 2013-14 season he averaged 73.6 RBI per season as well. So what held back him in the 2013-14 season exactly?

Well the answer to that is both simple and complex. The easiest and most plausible answer is truly injuries, as they vastly held back the 34 year old, 11 year Veteran. Yet its hard not to talk about age being a major factor as well. He is getting older, and his bat doesn’t truly seem to be getting any younger or gaining much power (Truth be told, he’s likely losing more power than anything), so that could be a key factor as well in terms of his decline as whole.

So what should we expect from Nick “BROHIO” Swisher in 2015?

Well, it is hard for one to say exactly.

There are many projections overall, and none of them good for a guy making well over 15 million this upcoming season. Here are some projected stats from many noted sites.

2015 Projections



None are truly positive for him overall, and none truly allow him to play to his legitimate value.

Few expect Swisher to shine this year. Hardly anyone expects him to perform up to his “value” based on his high salary.  He will definitely have to prove his doubters wrong, and that may end up being the most difficult task of his entire career.

As always,

Roll Tribe.






Credit for the projections completely and totally goes to Composite, RotoChamp, Steamer, ZIPS, CAIRO, Davenport, and Steamer600.

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