February 27, 2024

The weather conditions for Sunday’s Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills game look unfortunate. There appear to be 20-30 MPH winds and 2-3 FEET of snow in the forecast for the game.

Interestingly enough, the Browns actually played the Bills way back in 2007 during a massive snowstorm. However, it was in Cleveland and the Browns amazingly won that battle by a score of 8-0. K Phil Dawson nailed two field goals in those intense conditions and it was AWESOME!

This time the game will be *potentially* played in Buffalo and not Cleveland like in ’07. Hey, did you know…

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

Sorry, I just had to…

Anyway, Buffalo actually had a past game relocated. It was a 2014 matchup against the New York Jets that was moved to Detroit at Ford Field. That’s why everyone is suggesting this game get moved there on Sunday.

It would be a much closer drive for Browns fans to go to Detroit and that would give Cleveland somewhat of a home-field advantage compared to the original drive to Buffalo.

I know Gary, Michael, Norman, Mitchell and Steve will be making the trip to Detroit if that’s what it comes down to Sunday! 

Even so, relocation might just have to be what is done because the forecast is just looking that bad for Sunday and is unlikely to change.

If the game were somehow to be played in Buffalo, you can read about the advantages the Browns would have because of the snow by clicking here!

We probably won’t know the location of the game until this weekend when the NFL gets the final weather forecast. Feels unfair to leave the players and coaches hanging like this for both squads, honestly. Not to mention the fans making their plans, too.

One more note: Buffalo plays on Thanksgiving next Thursday against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Thus, it’s not like the league can push the Browns game to Monday or Tuesday and keep the location because of that scheduling nuance.

No matter the location, let’s hope the Browns win!

Hey, if LeBron went to Detroit and dropped 48 points for a huge win way back in 2007… Remember that one? Well, so can the Browns!

Watch those highlights here!!!

Frankly, there’s been talk about every baseball stadium requiring a retractable roof to stop any type of rain delays. Never thought the weather would be an issue with football and the games actually being played or where the location ends up being.

Regardless, GO BROWNS!!!



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