The Suchan Football Playbook: Top 10 Most Fantastic Cleveland Browns Moments

CLEVELAND, OH-JANUARY 11: NFL Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway scrambles with the ball during his famous “The Drive” game during the AFC Championship against the Cleveland Browns at Municipal Stadium, Cleveland Ohio on January 11, 1986. Elway played for the Denver Broncos from 1983-1999. (Photo by Ron Vesely)

#2 The Drive

The week before, and I’ll share more on that game in a moment, the Browns had just won a stunning double-overtime win against the New York Jets. Cleveland had been down late in the game, 20-10 with 4 minutes to play. The Browns were able to mount the comeback.

So, when the Browns lined up to play the Denver Broncos in that 1986 season AFC Championship game, for the first time with a chance to go to the Super Bowl at that old Municipal Stadium and the rest of Browns Nation were rocking in anticipation. And so, when the Browns took a 20-13 lead very late in the game, the Broncos had one last shot at trying to tie the game. They were 98 yards away when the five-minute drive started, and that John Elway quarterback began his Hall of Fame career moment. He took his team all the way down the field. And with just over 30 he threw the touchdown pass to tie the game. Later the Broncos won the game in overtime on a made field goal that I still think was no good.

We didn’t know then that the following season would be “The Fumble”. It was a cruel time to be a teenager.


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