April 14, 2024

It is one of the biggest plot twists I’ve ever seen in all of my years watching basketball. Who would’ve thought a young, talented player like Donovan Mitchell would land in Cleveland? Players like Mitchell usually strive for big market cities. Well, believe it or not, The Spida is coming to The Land. The City of Cleveland will welcome the three-time All-Star with open arms. It is an excellent pickup for Cleveland and it’s an exciting time to be in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers have a solid young core with Evan Mobley, whom I like a lot, Jarrett Allen, Darius Garland and now you add Donovan Mitchell to this squad makes them stronger. Mobley is a good defender, Allen is an effective rim protector and Garland can do so much damage in various areas with or without the ball in his hands. There’s no excuse for them not to make the playoffs or even get out of the first round. We don’t know how long this is going to last. We don’t know if Donovan will raise his game to higher levels. I can’t help but think about Shaq telling Donovan, “You don’t have what it takes.” It should be enough motivation for Donovan to go out there and win. He has more help with this Cleveland team than last year’s Utah Jazz team.

Donovan Mitchell is one of my favorite current players in the game. I want to see him succeed. I want to see him go far in the postseason and not get bounced out in the first or second round. He’s too talented, too gifted, to be a bottom feeder. There are players in the NBA that don’t have a championship, but they want to win and are not trying to take the easy route. Mitchell seems to carry himself well on and off the court. I believe that his personality and leadership will make a difference in this Cavaliers organization. He will also have some locker room leadership from Kevin Love, who is a champion and knows what it takes to win.

Mitchell is 25 and soon to be 26 years old. The Cavaliers will have a player who is about to enter his prime years. Mitchell averaged almost 26 points per game, shot 44.8 from the field, and was an 85% free throw shooter.

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