Superstar Lebron James has only missed 19 games due to injury as he reaches the final stretches of his 11th season in the league. Here in Cleveland currently, our star guard Kyrie Irving has already been sidelined for 31 games due to injury in less than three years, and that number will be growing as he hurt his right bicep in Sunday night’s game in L.A. against the Clippers. He was defending a hard drive by forward Blake Griffin, and spent the rest of the night in the locker room.

Like any sport, the play is physical every single night in the NBA basketball. However, the greatest players find a way to stay on the floor at all times needed. Their durability is just as important an attribute as being able to put the ball in the basketball. After all, you can’t score any points from the sideline.

This season featured “fake” contention for the Cavaliers strictly because the East has been such a terrible conference this year. There’s no better word to describe it. The 26-41 wine and golders hung around to desperately try and claim a final playoff spot, but would in no way be able to contend with Miami or Indiana let alone Brooklyn in a seven game series.

So yeah, maybe a miracle of a run would find the Cavaliers in the playoffs WITH Kyrie Irving. However, it wouldn’t matter much once the dance actually began.

Let’s fast-forward 2-3 seasons. Say the Cavaliers are an actual contender, possibly the Indiana Pacers of this year. If Kyrie Irving were to go down with an injury during the final stretches of a year like that, it would be absolutely devastating to this franchise and all of us loyal fans. It’d be yet another season of dreams simply crushed as Irving rides the bench to finish out the year.

Now we are all we aware of Kyrie Irving’s amazing abilities on the floor. 21.2 pts. and 6.2 ast. per night have fans dazzled each and every game. Additionally, his performance in the NBA All-Star game was enough for him to win MVP honors. I love watching him play, and we all truly have an appreciation for his abilities. Point is, you can’t win from the sideline.

If Mr. Irving can’t stay healthy, dare I say it may not even be worth it to sign him to a giant contract after this season?

-Zach Shafron

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