February 20, 2024

The Right Situation for LeBron and Bronny to Play Together


The LeBron and Bronny James story will not go away anytime soon. I think it’s admirable that LeBron wants to play with his son before he hands up his sneakers. I believe it will happen because LeBron is not someone you want to underestimate. Besides, he gets what he wants. The question is, where will they play together? What’s the best situation and worst situation for them?

For starters, there are two cities they should stay away from, Los Angeles and Cleveland. I’m going to tell you why not. Los Angeles is not the correct destination for Bronny because of the amount of insane attention that will be thrown at him. Los Angeles is all glitz and glamour and so much more that can get you very distracted. Not everyone is built for a significant market city. I’m not saying that Bronny couldn’t handle it, but I wouldn’t want that for him at a young age because of his father. LeBron won a title there and he delivered his promise. This doesn’t need to be Bronny’s story.

As for Cleveland, LeBron built his legacy there. Bronny needs to make his legacy in a different uniform. It’s not a good idea to bring him to Cleveland. Let’s not forget that the Cavaliers have a good thing going on now. Their young core is exciting to watch and has a bright future in the Eastern Conference. Don’t touch those young guys for Lebron. Leave it alone. The young core is developing into future All-Stars or, even better..: champions.

Bronny is 6’2 and he’s got some talent. He was not close to his father when he was 18 years old and arguably not in the Top-10 list of prospects from his class. However, he will improve and get sharper with time and experience. He’s going to the NBA. Historically, in sports, it’s usually the father better than the son or the son better than the father. It’s rarely equal or balanced. LeBron is a tough act to follow. Therefore, I hope Bronny becomes the best player he can be and not worry too much about reaching his father’s stature or that he can’t measure up to him.

If LeBron and Bronny are going to do this, then they should consider the following teams to play for depending on where Bronny will be drafted:

– Toronto Raptors

– San Antonio Spurs

– Dallas Mavericks

– Chicago Bulls

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