Many Indians fans remember moaning and groaning at the very-“Indians-like” signing of RHP Gavin Floyd. Floyd, a low-cost, high-reward type of signing, was coming off a 2014 season in which he had his season end early with the Atlanta Braves with a supposed fracture in his throwing elbow. Floyd had struggled his entire career with elbow issues, and 2014 proved no different. (2013 was also no different- He had Tommy John’s surgery with the White Sox.)

The Indians decided his injury history was worth the money, with the thought that he could maintain the fourth spot in the Indians rotation and be the prototypical veteran “Innings-Eater” that many young playoff teams have. Floyd was coming off a season in which he did have success, although limited and over relatively few games. Floyd is a pitcher who has pitched against the AL Central many times throughout his career. He has played the majority of his career with the Chicago White Sox, so the Indians saw his potential success as a huge boost to the Indians potential success in the 2015 season. Many thought he could potentially be a similar story in 2015 as Scott Kazmir’s breakout was in 2013.

Floyd entered the 2015 spring training in Arizona with the Indians with optimism and hope on a young, aspiring ball club seeking to finally put its mark on the MLB. Many Indians fans’ concerns did indeed come true with Floyd. As soon as spring training, he suffered yet another elbow injury and was forced to undergo another potentially season-ending injury.

The Indians were left at a genuine loss. Zach McAllister, for a short time before his full-time move to the bullpen, took over his spot in the rotation, and the Indians had to push forward without Floyd.

Floyd was expected to make a full recovery for his career, yet still miss the entire 2015 season. The Indians did not, however, expect Floyd to push himself back as hard as he could.

Floyd made an unprecedented return to the Major Leagues this past Wednesday, September, 2, 2015. He pitched quite well. He faced three batters, threw 15 pitches, and gave up no hits. His command looked sharp, and he did look to be on track to reviving his career.

Floyd may not have ended up being the Indians “Scott Kazmir-type”of breakout story, but he still ended up being a good story of a comeback nonetheless. Depending on his play going forward, he might also potentially be a candidate for the 5th spot in the Indians rotation for the 2016 season. It is and has been a unique story to observe this season overall.

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