The Quarterback Question No Fan Wants To Ask


Quickly, I want to make sure I get this point out of the way.  No sugar coating. The Cleveland Browns have been terrible for about a decade and a half. Still, being the greatest fans in all of sports, we love our Browns.  We are this teams harshest critics, but we blindly support this team through thick and thin. Quarterback controversies are usually the talk of the town, especially during the summer months, and into the season. 2014 holds yet another QB battle on the shores of Lake Erie. This time its local high school St. Ignatius Alum, Brian Hoyer vs. Texas A&M phenom Johnny Manziel. The battle that awaits us has been discussed and debated since the Browns took Manziel with the 22nd pick of the 1st round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Today, I will not be debating which Quarterback will start, nor will I be debating why one of the respective QBs should start. More than enough of that has already been done, and will go on well into the season. What worries me, first and foremost as a fan is the question no one seems to be asking, which is; What if neither QB is the answer? I understand it’s a new season. I understand we have a new coaching staff and general manager. I understand both QB’s have a different, but very good skill set. What frightens me is; Didn’t we all say the same thing about past QB battles? Were we not high on Colt McCoy coming out of Texas? Were we not stoked about Derek Anderson’s surprise Pro Bowl Season in 2007? Wasn’t Brady Quinn somewhat of a hometown favorite similar to Hoyer? The arm strength of Brandon Weeden was something we all got excited about, but never translated into wins. We can go on and on about past Cleveland Browns Quarterbacks that did not pan out. The point I am presenting to you is that outside of a couple early season wins by Hoyer, and the insanity that is Johnny Football Mania, this battle in training camp is much of the same as always. Bottom line is that we have two QB’s once again dueling it out, which can simply be translated into; we again do not have a Quarterback. past qbs

Before I receive private messages and nasty comments saying I am being a pessimistic about our beloved Browns, let me go on record and say this: I do love the direction this team is going in. I am excited about the defense. I really do like the offensive line. I think this team can dominate in the trenches, and that is where football teams start and end garnering little glory from fans. I am looking forward to seeing a one-two punch of Ben Tate and Terrance West at the Running Back position. We know if Josh Gordon wins his appeal, with the signings of Miles Austin, and Nate Burleson we suddenly have a very strong receiving corps. At the cornerback position we arguably have not one, but two lock down play-makers. We, as fans have an absolute right to be excited about this football team. We have every reason to believe we could make the playoffs this season. I am just here to remind you, we have seen this QB battle before. The winner of the starting position, guarantees’ nothing, but a chance to impress. Until I see a Cleveland Quarterback actually play great and merit countless articles written about them, I plan on sticking to the rest of the squad, who if you are watching closely, have a chance to make this season special, no matter who is under center come September.

-Cory Jarrous

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