The “Prove It” Theory

I’ve written about this before in the past and it yet again seems relevant here as the Browns begin minicamp and preparations for this upcoming season.

What is the difference between Cleveland Sports Talk and the Cleveland Browns?

Well, we writers do not have to score touchdowns, make field goals or tackle the opposition. Our job is to simply write. This is not to say that words cannot hold power because they can. I hope our articles actually mean something to the readers…

The Browns players will have to play in games this year that matter. The expectations for this team are extremely high and that is because of the 2020 season that finished with an 11-5 record and a playoff game win over the Steelers.

As a Browns fan myself, I love QB Baker Mayfield and WR Odell Beckham Jr. Here the quarterback is quoted about OBJ.

#Browns Baker Mayfield on OBJ: “He looks really great. After seeing him run and talking to him, he feels comfortable…you’re talking about seven months since the surgery, it’s really impressive how quickly he’s come back.”

Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry talk to the media…

Certainly, it’s nice to hear. However, these players and coaches are trained to say what needs to be said to the media in order to prevent any type of chaos.

The “Prove It” Theory means that the aforementioned players and coaches alike have to “Prove It” when the games are actually played this year. Those words will mean nothing if the team comes out and starts losing games to the Steelers, Ravens etc.

Frankly, this is the first season where fans can say they have, “Super Bowl Expectations” and it’s not taken as a complete joke where the others put down the beer and start to chuckle…

This team is great.

So far, all the right things have been said and that’s fine and dandy. However, Week 1 in Kansas City is when the “Prove It Theory” needs to be full-throttle.

The Browns have to win, win some more and win even some more after that…

We people in the media are the ones that get to talk the talk. Baker, OBJ, Nick Chubb…you guys must “Prove It.

And I along with the rest of Cleveland cannot wait!

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