The Cleveland Cavaliers added another coaching candidate to their list of interviews. Former Cavalier, Mark Price is meeting with the team Tuesday to discuss further details. Cleveland basketball fans should be pleased by this news as many have lobbied for his hire.

Unfortunately, the fan favorite doesn’t have any head coaching experience. Despite the lack of power and control, Mark Price has been an assistant coach for quite some time. Most recently, Price worked on the sidelines for the Charlotte Hornets. The four time All-Star previously held assistant positions with the Atlanta Hawks, the Orlando Magic, and the Golden State Warriors.

Before joining the coaching ranks, Price has been utilized as a shooting consultant for several NBA teams. The former Cavalier uses his knowledge and experience to develop young talent. This could be a key factor for our current Cleveland Cavaliers.

In the event that Mark Price is hired, everything could pan out well for the first time head coach. Obviously, there will be a transition period for Price to learn to translate his philosophies, but Price has a reputation for player development (Shooting and Player Development Coach for Orlando).

Ultimately, Mark Price could be the diamond in the rough that Cavalier fans have been waiting for. Hopefully, his offensive tendencies and excellent free throw shooting can have a trickle effect on our current roster. Last year, Mike Brown failed to showcase Cleveland’s offensive potential. Maybe, a former player and first time coach could succeed where others have failed.

-Max Gold

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