April 23, 2024

The Potential of Four 200 Strikeout Pitchers


The Indians are amidst a unique streak, under the course of a unique season overall.

The Indians were the first ever team to have four pitchers with 100+ strikeouts at the halfway mark (Kluber, Carrasco, Salazar, and Bauer), which in itself is an amazing all-around stat. Considering the Indians accomplished this quite rare feat, it is not yet out of the realm of possibility that the Indians can accomplish yet another un-touched feat.

In history, there have been three teams that have had a total of three 200 strikeout pitchers. Those teams are the 1967 Minnesota Twins, the 1969 Houston Astros, and the 2013 Detroit Tigers.

There has never been a team with four pitchers with 200 strikeouts, and while it may be unlikely, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Indians are the first team to achieve that feat.

Corey Kluber leads the team in strikeouts with 193 Strikeouts, so he is a lock for 200 strikeouts overall. Carlos Carrasco is second on the team with 162 strikeouts, and is seemingly just as much of a lock considering how he has pitched overall this season and recently. Danny Salazar is third on the team with 151 Strikeouts, and as he is a strikeout pitcher he is seemingly just as much of a lock as the other two. The anomaly out of the four is Trevor Bauer, who is fourth on the team with 137 strikeouts. Bauer may end up falling just short, or getting hot and hitting it just barely. The chance he makes it remains open nonetheless.

The sheer fact that this is a possibility speaks wonders to how dominant this staff has been overall, and even the fact that there is a legitimate chance the Indians join the exclusive list of teams with three 200 strikeout pitchers is amazing to say the least.

It will be an interesting statistic and feat to follow as the Indians look to build upon their recent overall success.

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