March 4, 2024

The Playoffs: Monday Night Football Changes Everything


Trick or Treat! Yeah, that’s right. Monday Night Football is on Halloween with the Browns hosting the Bengals in a classic AFC North Matchup. Don’t worry. In most cities, “Trick or Treating” is 6-8 and MNF kicks off at 8:15.

Right now, the Browns are 2-5 compared to the Bengals at 4-3. However, this news came out:

Now, I’ve already suggested the firing of coach Stefanski after the loss to the Ravens that made the team 2-5. Maybe that was a bit out of simply frustration, but I was not the only one making the suggestion.

This Monday Night Football game does a lot of things. Yeah, I may dress up as Jerome from Martin or Apollo Creed from Rocky; how about Jose Ramirez? Oh wait, my shoulder is destroyed and I can’t swing a bat.

What’s so important about this upcoming matchup is that is a game against another team in the division. The Browns could become 3-5, just two games under .500 and turn the page from this horrific stretch. The Browns would play the Bengals again in Week 14 in Cincinnati.

What’s so important about divisional matchups is the record between them determining a tie-breaker for a playoff seeding. Thus, it makes this game “more than a game.”

Certainly, the Browns have a lot of work to do and even if the team were to win on Monday Night Football, it doesn’t mean the season is salvaged by any means. It’s just what we’ll simply call a “BOOST.”

“Three and Five…Get Live!”

Another factor in this game is if tight end David Njoku will play. He is one of Jacoby Brissett’s targets on the field. Apparently, he is questionable for the game.

Run, run and run some more. This could actually be running back Kareem Hunt’s last game as a member of the Browns with the trade deadline being November 1st at 4 p.m. It’ll certainly be a lot of Nick Chubb, but don’t count out Hunt either. Using the two effectively together is something this team must do well in order to win.

The Bengals have a great quarterback in Joe Burrow that the Browns are going to have to find a way to stop. Them not having Chase is crucial, but he has other targets to throw the ball to in Tee Higgins, Mike Thomas, Stanley Morgan etc.

What’s better than 2-5?



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