March 3, 2024

The Players Play and Don’t Have a Heated Living Room


I just recently wrote an article about how someone would have to pay me a substantial amount of money to attend this SATURDAY’s game in Cleveland against the New Orleans Saints.

You can read that article (better than an episode of Golden Girls) by clicking HERE!

Well, regardless of if fans are going to end up not attending this game due to the extremely cold weather, it will be played.

After all, the players play…right?

I’d like to see Browns TE David Njoku on the field before the game without a shirt on acting all cool like he traditionally does catching passes in preparation for the affair.

Now, there are some benefits players do have on their respective sidelines. Check out the details below:

“Outdoor heaters are a common sight on any NFL sideline stricken with bitter cold, but these can come in different forms. The low-tech versions are simple space heaters providing a modest injection of warmth to bench areas. In other settings, such as Green Bay, teams have geared up with gas-powered heaters that blow heat across the entire sidelines. These generate 600,000 BTUs of heat, enough to elevate the sideline to a moderate temperature even in sub-zero temperatures.” – The Post Game Dot Com

I mean, that is nice for the part of the game when the players aren’t on the field. Even so, the stars that actually matter are going to be on the field for the majority of the game. AKA away from the heaters and getting that cold air, wind, snow and then some.

I did say in the previous article, “It’ll be interesting how the coaches gameplan with such difficult weather conditions. It’s going to be hard to catch the football, throw the football, hang on to the football and all that for the game.

Plus, let’s not even think about the wind and kicking field goals.”

It’s really going to be a matter of which team’s players are able to “man up” so to speak and deal with the extreme cold throughout the entire afternoon of football. Just the idea of getting tackled after being in the freezing weather for hours at a time is a terrible thought.

Yeah, this game really doesn’t mean that much as it’s a battle between two teams likely to not make the playoffs in the coming weeks. Even so, it’s still an NFL game that will be watched by thousands – on TV ;).

“Okay DeShaun my dude it’s 3rd and seven, but I can’t take this cold air anymore! Please throw this ball way off line, so we can punt and get to those sideline heaters!” – Likely a member of the Browns offense this Saturday HAHA!

Regardless of the conditions, let’s get that win! Go Browns!

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