The Play That Changed it All: Baltimore Addition

Pop, Lock & Drop It! Pop, Lock & Drop It! Pop, Lock & Drop It!

Do you remember that song by Huey? Well, the Browns really embrace the “Drop It” part of that song and have taken it to new limits all of these years later.

Let’s set the stage!

It’s the first quarter and first drive of the game for the Browns. QB Baker Mayfield hits WR Jarvis Landry for 11 yards, WR Harrison Bryant for nine yards and Jarvis again for a big gain of 36 yards. Everyone is excited as Baker looks sharp to begin the affair and the Browns are driving looking to score.

Then, it happens.

On 3rd and six, Baker fires a strike across the middle of the field to try and extend things and it is right in the hands of WR Donavon Peoples-Jones. The receiver drops the pass the would’ve resulted in not only a first down, but it would’ve put the Browns in striking distance for a touchdown.

While K Chase McLaughlin’s missed field goal on the following play isn’t the fault of either Baker or DPJ, it gives the ball to Baltimore without any points on the board. Even if he makes it, it would’ve been 3-0 Browns instead of 7-0 Browns.

Like I’ve said in past articles, there is no way to predict the future. However, the Browns would’ve had a very good chance to score a touchdown, set the tone of the game on the offensive side of the ball and it would’ve completely changed the tone moving forward.

Here’s an idea. You’re paid millions of dollars to catch the ball. How about you catch the ball? Genius!

The Browns lost to Baltimore because of many terrible plays, coaching decisions and much more. Even so, this one throw and drop really started it all.

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