March 3, 2024

What a great win. I really didn’t know how to word the title of this article because I didn’t want to be labeled as a “cynic.” However, even in amazing wins, there is always room for improvement and let’s set the scene for our beloved victorious Brownies!

The score is 14-0 Browns are on top in an already amazing start to this game. The Browns even have the ball with just about seven minutes to go in the second quarter. This is where the trouble occurs.

Quarterback Joe Flacco passes to wide receiver Amari Cooper to the right for a 17-yard gain. Great, right? Nope. Cooper subsequently gets striped, fumbles the ball and it’s recovered by the Jaguars’ Devin Lloyd for a 13-yard gain.

Thus, this play went from the Browns getting a first down, continuing the drive with time left in the half looking to go up by three scores to the Jaguars now having an opportunity to score at the 12-yard line.

Score is just what they did as quarterback Trevor Lawrence ended up passing to tight end Evan Engram for a 10-yard touchdown. It now became a 14-7 game.

Yes, the Browns won the game. However, it’s those types of plays in future affairs that need to be avoided if this team wants to contend for a playoff birth and in said playoffs themselves.

Of course, there’s no way to actually know how the game would’ve turned out if Cooper held on to the football. The Browns continue that drive, put up even more points and if they did score a touchdown or even a field goal it’s 21-0 or 17-0 heading to the half. That’s a pretty nice lead and it also would have to be noted that the Browns would have all the momentum too.

What can’t be argued is the game was close even toward the very end. The Jaguars had a chance with an onside kick and had the team recovered it, they would’ve been within a single score (31-27) and with a chance to win.

Again, this was a great win and it’s amazing to truly see how quarterback Joe Flacco who is 38 years old and was chillin’ on his couch with family for most of this season is playing under center with the Browns.

The Dawgs must clean up the mistakes moving forward and take the win as motivation to be even better.

The Browns face the Bears at home next week then against the Texans on the road, followed by home against the Jets and a final game in Cincinnati. That last one against the Bengals may be a huge one.

The 8-5 Browns are now atop the AFC Wild Card playoff standings! (Steelers second at 7-6 and Colts third at 7-6 as well).


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