The Play of the Cavs Game – That Was Super Simple – What?


If anyone asked you what the play of the game was for the 121-119 win over the Mavericks. Well, every person and rightfully so is going to cite the game-winning shot from practically the length of the floor by Max Strus. 59 feet to be exact.

And it was certainly the best play of the game by far. However, an interesting nuance from the game was how it even got to that point. The Mavericks made a layup to lead the game 119-118 with only 2.6 seconds to go. The Cavs had no timeouts and had to go the length of the floor to try and score again.

Strus passes the ball to Mobley. If I’m him, I take that pass and turn looking to heave it for the win rushing with the clock because there isn’t a way to stop the time.

Instead, what does Mobley do? He smartly takes that pass and flips it back to Strus who ends up getting the chance to win the game with that incredible shot.

See below:

Obviously, the odds of that shot going in are slim to none but look at what happened. Strus was able to give it a good heave and ended up winning the game in quite the craziest of fashions.

In reality, the Cavs needed to stop that initial layup from going in to give the Mavs the lead with seconds left.

Yet someway somehow the team was able to win it with a Strus shot. Mobley’s unselfish pass that smartly gave a look is something that would likely go unthought of. Had he just turned and taken a heave everyone would’ve just been disappointed in the defense letting up the lead in the final seconds.

Making these smart plays at the end of games is how a team such as the Cavs will actually be able to contend in the playoffs against the best of them. The Wine and Gold are now 38-19 and in 2nd place in the East 7.5 games behind the Celtics.

Let’s continue to make the smart plays and not have to rely on crazy (yet awesome) full-court shots that win games because they obviously aren’t going in most of the time.

Looking back there was just something about that pass made by Mobley that I thought was quite on point in a game filled with plenty of highlights.

The Cavs next play in Chicago tonight against the Bulls and then in Detroit against the Pistons. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of this team.

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