The Perception Towards 2020 Champions

How will the future champions of these current or shortly upcoming seasons be looked upon after everything this country has been through?

The NBA literally halted its season in March and the MLB delayed its start of the year at around the same time. It is extremely rare for something like this to happen and it to last this length of time. Honestly, no one really knows what will come in the future and how the leagues will bounce-back from this horrible virus that has canceled so many moments before they could happen and infected actual players themselves.

Yeah, I’ll take a guess that eventually, a champion is going to be crowned in all of our usual leagues. However, it won’t come without modifications…

-To the season length

-To the playoff format 

-To the accolades ultimately missed because of the changes

When we, as fans, look back on 2020…what will be said? “Oh, that was the year of the virus and yeah, ______ did win the NBA Finals, but they didn’t really have to compete in a full season or a full playoff? It’s simply hard for me to imagine this year regarded the same as its past or future counterparts when it comes to the sporting world and how the championships are regarded.

Simply a shame.

I’ve had a lot of free time to watch the news since this debacle began. Honestly, there are a lot of “experts” that make it seem like if they were put in charge for just a single day that all of the problems would be solved around the world. The issue really is that filling an arena or a ballpark could get multiple people very sick…still. That having one player post up another could cause an infection…still.

I’m not a doctor myself. Even so, what’s scary is I don’t think the doctors know how to solve this problem and make it 100% safe, in regards to COVID-19, for players and fans to be at these games. As a huge sports fan myself, better to be safe than sorry. The Olympics are postponed an entire year and that may end up being the model for the entire sporting world.

Maybe I’m saying this simply because the Cavs are not very good, but I ultimately feel like rushing these players (and subsequently fans) back can only do harm. There will be another full season of basketball no matter what and the same goes for every other sport. I know each night it is tough to not have any sports to look forward to and that stinks.

However, we must put the safety of people first.

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