The Opposite Outcome: A Minimal Suspension

Earlier today I wrote an article about Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson potentially getting banned from the NFL for life.

You can read this article by clicking  HERE 

Anyway, there are always alternatives in life and I made it clear in the article that it wasn’t my personal view that he should be suspended for life. It was just an idea I wanted to present. Thus, I will do the same with the alternate.

It’s extremely unlikely that Watson gets no games as a suspension. Thus, let’s say it’s 8-10 games for this upcoming season. Many people would be fine with that outcome and the Browns and company will work with what they have until Watson is able to return.

Just a reminder that quarterback Baker Mayfield is still on the roster. I also wrote about that   HERE

The team also has quarterbacks Joshua Dobbs and Jacoby Bressett that would have to fill in for those games without Watson in uniform or out on the field.

Shifting to the league itself and a good portion of the fans would be fine with the punishment. They’d believe that he’s serving his “time,” so to speak and that he deserves to come back and play after it’s over. Then, there are the people who are referenced in my previous article that will never want to see Watson play again and be extremely upset with him being back in uniform after these 24 allegations.

Let me be clear in saying they are allegations and nothing is completely proven yet.

For the Browns, it’s good because they will have Watson for the back half of the season and a potential playoff run. After all, these Browns have the roster to make a run all the way and with Watson returning that could certainly happen.

I know readers are dying to know what I believe personally should happen.

I think Deshaun Watson deserves a suspension between 8-10 games for what has transpired. After the suspension, I think he should also be required to do some sort of counseling with a psychologist for a certain amount of time. The league could even say…” You want to play in our league, you have to be in counseling for the remainder of your time in it.” Weekly or bi-weekly, whatever the league chooses. Finally, if any additional and 100% proven inappropriate actions happen…see ya. You’re never playing in our league again. 

Wow, I feel like a school principal or judge.

Honestly, I want to start talking more about football and less about these issues. I’m guilty of writing about it a plethora of times and I can’t wait to write my article on, “Why the **** did the Browns not throw on third and long?” Something of that nature.

Anyway, let’s get this decision that is taking forever and move on.


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