The Only Thing for the Cavs To Do Now is Blow it Up

Two nights ago Cleveland fans were shocked to see that LeBron James had once again decided to leave. This was a move a lot of Cleveland fans didn’t see coming as many, myself included, expected him to finish his career here. Now that LeBron is gone and the Cavs once again go from contenders to bottom feeders there’s only one thing left to do; blow it up.

The Cavs have to begin the rebuilding process as soon as possible because the longer you await the inevitable the longer it takes to one day return to contention. In today’s NBA if you aren’t contenting or tanking you’re wasting your time. I do not want to see the Cavs end up like teams such as the Wizards, Pistons or Hornets. Spending years in mediocracy getting low seeds in the playoffs, even missing the playoffs, not getting top picks or even in the Cavs case no pick at all., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Through the Kyle Korver trade from two seasons ago, the Cavs first round pick for next year’s draft and possibly the year after, needs to be inside the top-10 or it will go to Atlanta. If both first rounds picks for the next two years stay in the top 10 the Cavs will then send two future second-round picks to Atlanta. I don’t know about you but a mediocre Cavs team that also doesn’t have first round picks is a horrifying thing to think about. That is why the Cavs need to make the right move and begin the tanking process.

The Cavs currently have one player with solid trade value and several other players someone may take a flyer on. Kevin Love is the big piece that the Cavs need to move to help the tanking process. As much as I would love to see Love finish out his career in the wine and gold, this is the best move for both sides. The Cavs are able to help their future and Love is able to continue playing winning basketball and not be remise of his time in Minnesota again. Other players that could potentially be moved on the Cavs are George Hill, Kyle Korver and JR Smith, however, don’t expect much in return for any of those possible deals.

The Cavs are currently in a really bad spot, once again losing an all-time great in LeBron, however, they can prevent it from being any worse than it already is. It’s time to blow it up, as sad as that may be to say just two years removed from a title, but it’s the right move. The Cavs will still have plenty of young talent to work with in Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., Cedi Osman, Ante Zizic, Collin Sexton and if they chose to bring him back, Rodney Hood. While it doesn’t seem like much its still a young core that could potentially have some solid pieces, but the biggest thing for the Cavs is retaining their picks and building for the future.

As Cleveland fans, we know that rebuilds are never fun, but hopefully, a first-place Indians team and an up and coming Browns team help make it easier.

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