November 23, 2020

The Nick Chubb Selfless Play of the Game

I wouldn’t have done it.

I’m scoring the touchdown, doing the cha-cha-slide and dunking the ball on the field goal post.

So the Browns are up 10-7 on the Houston Texans in this low-scoring affair and a touchdown certainly secures a victory. Browns running back Nick Chubb gets the ball with 1:07 left on the game clock from the team’s own 40 yard line (3rd and 3). He evades tacklers and takes the ball down the left sideline with a clear path all the way to the endzone.

However, while running down the sideline, Chubb is able to remember that stepping out keeps the ball in Cleveland’s hands with a 1st down and little left on the clock. To make that decision while running full-speed ahead is nothing short of incredible.

Had Chubb decided to score?

The score is 17-7 Browns and there are only just about 55 ticks left. If the Browns were unable to defend a 10-point lead with less than a minute to go, they don’t deserve to win.

Regardless, this selfless move by Chubb never gives the ball back into the hands of the Texans. Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield simply took two kneel-downs and the clock winded down until it hit zero. Ballgame. Browns win!

The only football argument I can see is that the weather was bad. Say the ball is slippery due to rain and Baker fumbles one of the snaps and Houston recovers. They then drive down the field (or run back the fumble) and either tie the game with a field goal or score the game-winning touchdown.

How likely is that? Just about no chance.

Now, let’s get to the humorous parts.

Obviously, anyone who had Chubb on a fantasy team lost points due to the fact that he did not score a touchdown in a situation where the endzone was right there. Someone out there certainly lost a close matchup because of those sacrificed points.

The even funnier part of this all is that Vegas had the Browns winning at +4. With the score at 10-7, do the math! Anyone who had the Browns were a Chubb touchdown away from taking that money. Since the back stepped out of bounds and ultimately made the final score less than four, it flipped the betting winners and losers for this game.

Now, I do think the play was the smart one, the right one and a selfless one for statistics. At the end of the year, Chubb will statistically have one less touchdown because of that decision.

However, for attention?

Just look at who this article is about. Everyone is talking about Chubb and his selfless move! The attention is actually probably more on him for not scoring compared to if he took the ball in the endzone and padded the stats!

Mr. Chubb – smart thinking. However, in a different future situation make sure you finish the run and score that touchdown!


Photo via: Yahoo

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