April 20, 2024

It was truly a scary situation that occurred in last season’s Browns/Steelers game that left everyone scared for one of the best running backs ever to play the game. It wasn’t his first injury to that knee either.

So what’s the problem? Won’t he be ready?

Chubb heals, returns to the Browns for this upcoming season and is that same great running back that we’ve seen for so many years. Right? Well, not so fast.

“Chubb has a $15.8 million salary cap charge for the 2024 season. He would only count for a $4 million dead cap hit if he were to be cut.” – LBS 

The back is going to be 28 this upcoming season and so no one really knows how he’ll be able to perform for this team that’s desperate to fix its cap as a whole.

That age of 28 seems great for an average player, yet for running backs, it’s when the player hits that huge decline, unfortunately.

Looking back in 2022 and Chubb had 302 carries, 1,525 yards (5.0 average) and 12 touchdowns. That just goes to show what he was capable of back in his prime.

With Chubb’s history of injuries and the gruesome one sustained last season, it wouldn’t surprise me if doctors suggest even a possible retirement because taking those hits is simply too dangerous anymore.

Now, is that likely to happen? No. Suggestions of simply restructuring of his current contract may be more likely than ending it all.

The Browns would have to go to running back Jermone Ford, Pierre Strong Jr. and re-sign Kareem Hunt.  Maybe even draft a back with an upcoming pick.

It’s true that this fanbase loves a standup guy like Nick Chubb on the roster and releasing him would send waves across the Browns Nation for this upcoming season. However, there simply is just so much to think about in regards to the back moving forward.

It’ll be up to GM Andrew Berry amongst others in the front office and coaching staff to truly decide what is best for the organization. A team that’s about 20 million dollars over the cap.

Everyone is going to talk about quarterback Deshaun Watson and that financial crisis for sure. Yet this one with Chubb is certainly something that will have to be addressed before this upcoming season begins.

It was announced that the 2024 salary cap will be $255.4 million. That’s $30 million higher than expected. Still up by about 6.5 million though… We shall see.

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