Browns fans everywhere were nervous that GM Ray Farmer’s text messages to coaches on the field during games last year were going to cost the team a draft pick. Luckily, his stupidity was only punished by the NFL with a 250k fine and a four-game suspension for Farmer. I say luckily because a lost draft pick is so much more devastating than what was handed down.

The NFL has swung and missed on multiple punishments in recent history including the RB Ray Rice debacle and the WR Josh Gordon fiasco. I believe that this punishment for GM Ray Farmer was justifiable, fitting and deserved. Here’s why:

So he broke the rules, yes. No one is denying that. However, did his actions actually impact the game in any way? Most likely – no. It was probably just a plea to put a certain someone (COUGH, COUGH, JOHNNY MANZIEL) into the game.

Ray Farmer will have to suffer through the four game suspension, and JH3 will have to whip out 25,000 $10 rebate cards to Pilot Flying J to pay this one off. You know he’s got them under his bed at home.

Here are some notable players drafted in the late rounds:

New England’s QB Tom Brady – 6th Round

Denver’s WR Shannon Sharpe – 7th Round

New Orleans’ WR Marquese Colston – 7th Round

Green Bay’s QB Matt Hasselbeck – 6th Round

Denver’s RB Terrell Davis – 6th Round

The list goes on and on.

The expectation was that the Browns could lose a late round draft pick. Since that’s not the case, the player that we choose with that spared pick now has a chance to make a difference on this team. Had we lost the pick, maybe the next great late round steal would’ve slipped through our hands…

There’s no question in my mind that Ray Farmer has learned his lesson. I believe that he knew the rules, but didn’t think he get “snitched on” as the younger kids say. Ray is a good guy, and has done a solid job in office thus far. I personally have no ill-remorse towards him because of this. He’ll serve his suspension, and after those four WINS (we’re staying positive since the season is so far away) he’ll return to doing great work for the team.

Hey, it’s nice to know that we aren’t losing any picks. Now, let’s leave it up to the Browns to screw up, not the NFL. Woof Woof!

-Zach Shafron


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