The NFL has suspended Atlanta Falcons Wideout Calvin Ridley for betting on games during the 2021 season.

Via ESPN: In a series of tweets Monday after the suspension was announced, Ridley said he bet $1,500 total and that “I don’t have a gambling problem.” He also tweeted that he couldn’t even watch football at the time he made the bets. He added that he’s just going to “be more healthy when I come back” and that “I know I was wrong But I’m getting 1 year lol.”

These players do have a lot of power as their actions obviously control the outcome of the games. Duh. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that fact.

I am simply a fan and suck at actual sports. Thus, I will never have that power of playing in the NFL with Baker Mayfield or with LeBron James in the NBA or in the MLB…if there ever is a game again. My power is limited compared to what the players do have in regards to the outcome of these games.

I like how the NFL handled this situation. I understand that Ridley was going through a difficult period mentally and I respect that to the fullest. However, this suspension shows that the league will not tolerate any type of betting, rigging or changing of the outcome of games by players, coaches, or anyone involved in the process.

People pay lots of money for tickets, gear and betting themselves on the games. Now, betting by fans is completely fine and a huge industry.

Calvin Ridley was not a fan.

Players that bet on games certainly use that in regards to how they play out on the field. Let’s say this author Zach Shafron is a wide receiver for the Browns. I decide I’m going to bet a set amount of money on the next matchup against the Steelers. I say the Browns will lose by over 10 points in my bet.

QB Baker Mayfield tosses a long ball my way in the 4th quarter with the Browns down 31-20 and in my head I know that if I catch this pass my bet will potentially be lost because the team will get points by either a touchdown or field goal.

I drop the pass on purpose.

No one knows that I dropped it on purpose. They just think I suck at my position. Even so, the pass was dropped by me and it changed the outcome of the game. The Browns do end up losing, 31-20, instead of having a potential comeback. All because of my drop.

For me, the severity of this conviction to Ridley is not surprising and I am certain there is a lot more betting that goes on in all of sports. That’s why I am so happy the NFL cracked down so firmly on this case so that it will potentially stop any future bettors.

We want our sports to be authentic, pure and fair. We want the outcomes to be what they should be and not some tainted BS that could be happening out there on the fields or courts.

What’s so disappointing in this instance is Ridley bet $1500 in total. That is a lot of money for some, but he was due to make $11.1 million dollars this season with the Falcons. Quite the difference…

Let’s see if more players in the various leagues are found doing this and the punishments they receive. Let’s hope the games continue to be pure and this punishment helps with it.

Was QB Baker Mayfield betting the Browns would lose games towards the end of last season? While I kid, there’s that suspicion with every single player. Hope and pray that our Cleveland teams suck because they suck and not because the players are doing it on purpose.

Lastly, get Calvin Ridley the help he needs and welcome him back into the league after he completes this suspension. 


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