The Next Four Matchups Give Browns (Dare I Say) HOPE

This season, man, what a roller coaster it has been. Browns fans came into 2019 on their high-horses ready to go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl. Okay, maybe not extreme, but a winning season for sure was in the plan with new Vince Lombardi-like coach Freddie Kitchens.

After a win against the Buffalo Bills at First Energy Stadium, which was not pretty by any means, the Browns are at a record of 3-6. Take a look at the upcoming schedule:

Let’s look one at a time.

While the Steelers are winners of four in a row, that Thursday night crowd at First Energy Stadium coming off a win will be crazy. It certainly is an opportunity for the Browns to snap the Steelers’ winning ways and gain even more momentum.

The Dolphins started out 0-7, but they won their last two games. However, this is another home game the Browns should win. Their opponent is not very good.

Of the four games, going into Pittsburgh is going to be the toughest. It will take grit and determination to travel on the road and win a game against our vaunted AFC North rival. The Week 11 outcome will play a big factor in this game. If the Browns win, it’ll give them confidence for the second go-round on the road.

Lastly, Cincinnati sits at 0-9. Their record speaks for itself. If the Browns don’t win this one, they don’t deserve anything.

Let’s say the Dawgs somehow win these four games, at 6-6, they would be right back in it. Frankly, I do simply believe this team is a year away. Regardless, finishing the season on a positive note is good even if it means missing the playoffs.

What winning four in a row does is gives some December excitement. Check out the final three games:

In summation, the Browns ripping off seven wins in a row with Kitchens coaching the team and the massive amount of problems to fix seems next to impossible.

But…can’t we all dream?

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