Cleveland, we have entered a new chapter. Please welcome to the shores of Lake Erie, Johnny Manziel.

That felt good to say.

Honestly, just try to do this for me: think of a Cleveland player that draws more attention and hype than Johnny Football. LeBron James is the only player in last 50 years that is in the same ballpark.

Talking about positive influence, imagine what this does to the team. After years of questionable moves, letdowns on the field, and corrupt owners, how inspiring is it for this team to get that massive of a boost? How inspiring is it that the front office completely NAILED this first round? How inspiring is it to bring in one of the biggest names in sports? How pumped do you think Joe Haden, Ben Tate, Joe Thomas and most of all Josh Gordon are? The Johnny Effect has hit…and its only been 45 minutes.

Manziel brings the rep, and he brings the talent. He has won the Heisman Trophy. How many Browns players can say that? He has TORCHED the most NFL-like defense in college football in Alabama…twice. And after just two years at the college level, he is widely considered one of the most exciting college football players of all time. And he is in Cleveland.

Get pumped Cleveland, a new era is here.

Jay Cannon

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