Hey, Cleveland!

A “blast from the past” sort of announcement came out today; the XFL is on its way back. Yep, you read that right; 19 years after the original XFL was axed by NBC after its inaugural season, it’s back. Vince McMahon, founder and chairman of WWE is reviving the league which will launch in 2020.

I know that the 2001 version of the XFL may be ancient history to some of you or an entity that has never even crossed your radar. In its original form, it was campy at best and ridiculous at worst; however, McMahon ensures that fans will see a new version of the league this time around. No gimmicks, no WWE performers crossing over into the XFL and no kneeling during the National Anthem are some of McMahon’s promises.

“Professional football re-imagined,” is what McMahon called his new enterprise. He believes that fans will respond to a game that is “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly and easier to understand.”

As the sole owner of the XFL, McMahon will call all of the shots. He believes that this is an advantage over the NFL and its multiple owners. Players will follow McMahon’s edicts if they want to play. According to the XFL patriarch, if a player is “playing football in a stadium for us, (they) follow these rules.” Whatever his rules consist of, McMahon is clear that no player can have ANY type of criminal record. “Even if you have a DUI you will not play in the XFL.”

There are some other differences between McMahon’s brainchild and the NFL.
• The XFL will consist of eight teams – McMahon is the sole owner
• The season will be 10 weeks long with two semifinal games and one championship game
• Teams will have 40-man rosters
• Ideally, the XFL games should last two hours
• Player expressions of political or social beliefs on the field is not permitted

In his news conference, McMahon said that “every city” is on the radar for the XFL’s eight teams. What do you think, Cleveland? When he builds it will you watch? If the XFL taps Cleveland as one of the eight cities that will get a team, will you be a fan?

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