The Myles Garrett Situation: Reaction to Everything



That was what it felt like watching the closing seconds of the Browns vs. Steelers game, a 21-7 Browns win (by the way). It was the most bizarre event since Bottlegate, at least at that stadium.

After Browns DE Myles Garrett attempted to sack Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph on the final play, who played a horrible game, by the way – chaos ensued.

Rudolph kicked Garrett in his lower parts, we will just say. ANY male knows that it is not a pleasant experience, cup or not. Additionally, Rudolph tried to pull off Garrett’s helmet first.

Thanks to my friend, Zack, for this picture.

Who started the extracurricular activity? Mason Rudolph.

Now, to the part I wish I didn’t have to write about.

Myles Garrett pulled off Rudolph’s helmet and took a full-blown swing with his right arm (with the helmet) and connected with Rudolph’s bare head. Luckily, it did not result in a major injury to the man. But it could have…

It’s a shame.

Garrett is the type of person or player that I would tell my children (if I had any) to be more like him. He’s great in the Cleveland Community, loves dogs and always seemed to be in good spirits while playing for a team that’s been primarily bad during his tenure.

Plus, the former #1 overall pick in ’17 is a pretty damn great player. 10 sacks and two forced fumbles in this season alone.

Garrett will certainly get a suspension. However, Rudolph should also.

In regards to Myles, I’ve heard anything from two games to the entire season and even into next year. I would also expect a fine and maybe even some community service.


— Browns DE Myles Garrett suspended without pay indefinitely, at least the rest of the season.
— Steelers OL Maurkice Pouncey suspended 3 games and fined
— #Browns DL Larry Ogunjobi suspended one game and fined.
— Other players involved may be fined.

(No suspension handed to Mason Rudolph. At least not yet.)

Let’s just be clear about one thing. Rudolph threw four picks, got pissed, started a brawl with his kick and pulling Garrett’s helmet off. Now, what Garrett did was clearly wrong and dangerous.

The Browns play the Steelers in Pittsburgh on December 1st (Week 13) at 4:25 p.m. This is going to be an absolutely insane game and let’s just hope no one gets seriously injured in retaliation.

Finally, I hope Myles learned from the mistake he made. Does his “time,” so to speak and comes back as the force he’s always been!

I’m still a fan of his, despite this incident. Everyone makes mistakes.

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