Of all things with the Cleveland Browns wrong, DE Myles Garrett is like the only thing right with this team. After all, he’s a freak of nature and is a fear for squads around the league when they have to play the Browns.

Unfortunately, there is something wrong and I make this comparison. It’s not really the player himself but the position. A defensive end can only dominate a game so much. It’s not like a quarterback, running back or wideout on offense.

Certainly, I’m all for celebrating Garrett and he is one of the best defensive players to ever play this game. However, look at the loss to Seattle. One single sack, two tackles. Honestly, the defensive end was quiet until the 6:40 mark of the 4th quarter obtaining said sack.

It’s impossible to completely dominate like say an NBA game of basketball where LeBron James or Kyrie Irving could literally control the entire contest as a single player themself.

For the Browns to truly be great this year, especially with this disgrace going on at the quarterback position, it’s going to take the entire defensive to work together and dominate. A superstar such as Garrett can only help so much in obtaining a win.

We know by watching quarterback PJ Walker in the Seattle game that it’s just not going to happen with that pass-thrower under center. The dude missed some of the most wide-open targets in the biggest situations of the game. It was hard to watch and Deshaun is just chillin’ on the sideline without a care in the world…sigh.

I love Myles Garrett and so should all Browns fans. However, his superstardom exclusively can take this team so far single-handedly. The road win over the Colts was about as close as a defensive player can do all by himself to alter a game in Garrett’s jumping over blockers, sacks, forced fumbles and more. The Dawgs still almost lost that one (frankly, got a little lucky).

This week Garrett came back to a bit more of a “human” in his play. It showed with the final score. It’s really just the game and position he plays in it of itself. Thus, the Browns can’t bank on the defensive end for wins.

On a sidenote: I would love to see Garrett as a boxer or even a basketball player (he is now part-Cavs owner)! Come on, Myles! Stick and jab out!

*** In the most recent 36-19 loss to the LA Rams, Myles Garrett had no sacks or even tackles for that matter.





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