November 30, 2021

The MLB is Going to Have a Huge Problem

Every day, it appears one more MLB star voices his displeasure with the Houston Astros and their elaborate cheating scandal. Obviously, no one likes that they did take away from the authenticity of the game and their World Series title in 2017 is tainted. Cheating all the way to the championship doesn’t carry the same weight as winning it like a normal team the regular way.

The problem the MLB is going to have this upcoming season and probably beyond is that the Houston Astros really aren’t punished at all for what they’ve done in this elaborate scheme as a complete organization. They’re still going to be competing like every other team and have a chance to be 2020 World Series champs.

A pitcher facing the Astros is going to have the opportunity to throw at their hitters. What happens after that is going to be up to the umpires and then the league office. My feeling is that a pitcher has to feel the punishment for throwing at Astros hitters (or any type of violence on the field) is so extreme that it simply isn’t worth settling the score. The suspension has to be long enough to make a pitcher rethink this idea of retribution.

Right now, here in February, I make these specific rules and put them in place. This way, when a pitcher in April throws at the Astros compared to a different one in June, the punishment can remain the same. If not, every series will have another Astros hitter get DRILLED.


A baseball is dangerous.

When thrown close to 100 MPH, it can actually hurt someone, especially when intentionally thrown at them. This is why, despite the fact that I am just as upset as the next guy that the Houston Astros are a bunch of cheaters, the retribution needs to be stopped before it even starts.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred must make it clear to the league what the cost is of taking action will be. Honestly, I believe the Astros are simply shamed enough for cheating one of the greatest games ever. Their World Series is 100% tainted and they have to live with that forever. That’s punishment enough.

Say an Astros hitter getting thrown at severely breaks a few bones and is out for the rest of the season. Then, it happens to another player against another team that wants their crack at these guys. It’s simply going to cause a tremendous amount of problems throughout the season.

Another route to take is banning the Astros for an entire year. However, that would lose the MLB a lot of money and that’s why I doubt it will happen.

I wonder if I will look back on this article in a couple of months and think about how I was right and the league is in complete chaos due to the Astros? The alternative is the players do simmer down and are able to civilly play the game of baseball. Let’s hope it’s the latter…

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