For the first time since the pandemic hit, a little bit of normality is returning in the world of sports. The Ohio Department of Health is allowing 12,000 fans to attend at FirstEnergy Stadium this weekend for the Colts game.

This will be a step up from previous games where only 10% of capacity was allowed in the stadium built to hold 67,000. This is still not ideal for the Browns who have been pushing for around 25% capacity with the magic number being 16,000 fans in attendance.

So, how will the seating work for the rest of the season if things go as planned?

According to the Ohio Department of Health, the spectators will be in “pods” and each “pod” will not exceed six individuals. The “pods” will be placed strategically around the stadium to follow Covid-19 guidelines with more walkways being open to accommodate the standing room with the six-foot rule in place, as well.

What does this mean for the lucky 12,000 in attendance?

One heck of a view to sit back and have a beer.


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