The Lindor/Carrasco Trade Cements Paul Dolan as MLB’s Worst Owner

News broke Thursday morning that talks between the Cleveland Indians and the New York Mets involving star SS Francisco Lindor were heating up. The trade was made official shortly after with the Indians sending Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco to New York. In return, the Indians receive middle infielders Andres Gimenez and Amed Rosario, RHP Josh Wolf and OF Isaiah Greene.

Lindor, entering his seventh Major League season in 2021, is a four-time All-Star, two-time Gold Glove winner and two-time Silver Slugger winner. He quickly rose through the Indians’ farm system and, after his rookie season in 2015, was immediately established as one of the MLB’s greatest young talents. Throughout his career, the switch-hitter has amassed a .284 BA/.346 OBP/.488 SLG with 138 home runs paired with near-perfect defense at the shortstop position.

The veteran Carlos Carrasco is entering his 12th season, all of which had been with the Indians. After a rough start to his career, Carrasco established himself as a solid contributor in the Indians pitching rotation with a career ERA of 3.77 and a 88-73 win/loss record both as a starter and out of the bullpen. He had four-straight seasons of 10+ wins from 2015-2018 and led the league in wins (18) in 2017. He missed much of the 2019 season due to his diagnosis with leukemia and received the AL Comeback Player of the Year Award upon his return. Carrasco is known for being very active in the community both domestically and overseas for which he received the Roberto Clemente Award in 2019 as well.

Overall, this trade is comical.

Owner Paul Dolan and the Indians are shipping away two fan-favorite players (one of which is arguably the face of the entire LEAGUE) and major contributors for four virtually no-name players; only one of which has even played a single full season in the pros. Along with dumping the two fan-favorites, Dolan cut an astonishing $44 million off of his payroll. This leaves the Indians dead last in baseball in payroll at just under $23M, nearly half of the Baltimore Orioles who are the next lowest team and, might I add, have been one of the MLB’s most pathetic franchises for over a decade. Paul Dolan uses the “small market” excuse to slash his payroll year after year, trading away big-name talent or just letting the players walk entirely, all due to his flat out refusal to offer the level of contracts required to compete in the MLB today. Since 2016, the Indians have lost SP Corey Kluber, SP Mike Clevinger, SP Trevor Bauer, LF Michael Brantley, 1B Carlos Santana (twice),  RP Andrew Miller, LF Josh Donaldson, RF Yasiel Puig, 2B Jason Kipnis and now Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

Am I forgetting any?

Probably, because the Cleveland Indians are just one glorified farm team with a bad logo and a poor fan base who has to deal with an owner who thinks losing in the first round of the playoffs once every three seasons is enough to continuously coerce fans into buying season tickets and jerseys while he gets to keep saving more and more money at the expense of our happiness. You might as well kiss 3B Jose Ramirez, SP Shane Bieber and SP Zach Plesac goodbye, too, because we all know that, come their contract year, they will most likely get shipped off to a higher bidder in return for some minor league bargain player whose name you’ve never even heard of but the beat writers try and defend as being “MLB-level talent”.

As the contracts’ big-name players earn continue to soar above $400 and $500 million dollars year after year, Paul Dolan’s belligerence will continue to sink the Indians’ franchise more and more until they are completely washed out of the competitive picture once and for all. Starting a “rebuild” for a team that has made the playoffs four of the past five seasons is embarrassing and provides more and more proof to the fact that Paul Dolan doesn’t care about winning in the slightest; he cares about his wallet, and his wallet alone and will continue to screw over the city of Cleveland year after year as long as he can squeeze just a little more profit out of the franchise. Throw in a Wild Card berth or an ALDS loss once every few years to keep the seats filled and Pauly D thinks that is just dandy.

I mean, what else could the fans really ask for?

Long-term success? Preposterous!

You know what is a great way to earn money? Selling the team! Preferably to someone who is competent enough to actually pay their star players, but how could anyone possibly be worse than the clown in our front office right now?

Goodbye. I am tired.

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