The playoffs, the games could range from a perfect 16 games to a grueling 28 games. In other words, the playoffs are an entirely different monster than the 82 strenuous stretch of the regular season. More don’t experience than do experience it every year. The city of Cleveland has grieved for four years, may it be the horrid records or the misses in the draft with Anthony Bennett. BUT finally we have grasped control of the NBA once again, and this time the Cavaliers mean business. Why this year you ask? The LeBron Effect.

Although it may seem that one player doesn’t make an entire team, recollect the 2010-2011 NBA season. LeBron James leaves and we turn to Antwan Jamison and Baron Davis. Let the misery of a 19-63 season begin. I personally went to 11 games that year, including the first game of the season against the Boston Celtics. Winning against the Celtics gave you that feeling LeBron didn’t mean everything to our successes. Except after that game we kept losing, and losing, and losing. Without LeBron, the city of Cleveland was in shambles. Money in the city was down and nobody wanted to be here. The Cavaliers drafted superb talent in the years of LeBron’s absence, but nobody in Cleveland was able to help with the maturation process of the young talent. The Cavaliers weren’t in a reloading phase, they were in continuous rebuilding mode.

But, LeBron is back now and this time it just feels special. Reaching the NBA Finals in 2007 was almost a once in a lifetime opportunity. This year however the chance of the Wine and Gold reaching the Finals and snatching that illustrious Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy seems too real. LeBron is no where near the player he was back in 2007 or even 2010 for that matter.

James has matured immensely and knows what is needed in the mental and physical aspects of the body for a championship run. LeBron doesn’t try to dunk on the entire opposing team every night too. LeBron understands his limitations, although few to none, and has sharpened his play in other ways including a slightly improved three point shot.

Even though LeBron has missed copious amounts of games compared to his first tenure in Cleveland, you can’t exactly question his actions at this point. This Cavaliers squad is his best team ever as a Cav. If you think the ’07 team was better, curb the nostalgia. Wherever LeBron goes, although the talent is usually already there, it seems the team has a legit chance to go all the way. I mean, the Heat went to the Finals every year he was there.

In the past years we knew Kyrie Irving was good, but LeBron has turned the young man into a demigod. Same can go with anybody else on the team. LeBron brings that huge boost into a locker room, one of the main contributors to a beaming J.R. Smith.

Cleveland has been hopping since the comeback of the King.

Although in 10 years LeBron will be gone, we have to sit back and notice the huge effect he puts on a team and on a city. The LeBron Effect is certainly a beautiful thing.

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